Des Ryder

Des Ryder, director and head of the Anne Duncan property management team, is one of the most experienced and dedicated property managers in Auckland.
He holds a property degree and has worked in the local area and property management industry for the last 27 years.

Des holds the Associate status (AREINZ) with the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand and is licensed as an Agent under the REA ( 2008). In order to maintain this status, Des updates his qualification every year. This ensures his clients gain the benefit of his knowledge on every aspect of property management, including the latest legislation.

But property management isn’t just a career for Des, he also owns
investment properties managed under Anne Duncan Rentals. He believes,
if you’re hiring someone to manage your properties, you need someone
who understands the task from the inside out. “At Anne Duncan Rentals we
pride ourselves on good tenant selection and take the time to do stringent
checks on each candidate. It is as important for us to keep the owner’s rent
coming in as it is to keep tenant’s out of debt. That’s why our court record
is one of the best in Auckland. “Most managers focus mainly on rent coming in, however to me the property is even more important, and we have to keep it in tip top condition which is getting a lot harder to manage under the Residential Tenancies Act these days”

Des is an advocate of seeking sound financial advice and surrounding himself with the right people. He has confidence in the professionals that he recommends and the team around him. To balance out the daily
challenges that property management demands, Des likes to unwind with
family and getting his hands dirty in the garden.