Legislation & Healthy Homes Standards, What do I need to know?

We will always keep you informed of any major changes to the laws that effect your property under the Residential Tenancies Act. The law is very detailed nowadays, so it is best you let us know of future intentions so we can provide you with the correct and up to date advice.

All properties will need to have the required Healthy Homes Standards (HHS). We can arrange an independent report to give you peace of mind that you are protected. See our HHS section on the law requirements.

What happens if the tenant’s rent payment is missed?

From time to time this may occur. But its our job to manage the process with your tenant. Every effort is made to have zero arrears. Our policy ensures as soon as a payment is missed, a follow up action is taken. We will follow the law requirement procedures on what & when action can be taken. Should the payment not be caught up, we would contact you to discuss options available to you.

Can I charge tenants for water?

Yes, if your property has a separate meter calculating exactly what the tenants use. We will work out what needs to be charged, invoice & monitor with your tenant. Please bear in mind legally the Water invoices are under your name and the fixed charge portion cannot be invoiced to tenants.

What should I do to prepare by house for rent?

First impressions are key. Present the property as if you were going to rent the house for the first time. Make sure the property looks great from the street, with lawns and ground done. The inside should be clean & clutter free. Pay special attention to kitchen and bathrooms.

Try to get any repairs or unsightly areas completed before viewings take place. This will give us a much better chance to attract the best tenant for your place.

If your property has carpeted areas, it is best practise to have these steam cleaned.

How much bond will you take?

Normally we take 3 weeks and 2 weeks rent when a tenant moves in. Legally we can take up to 4 weeks bond. But with other costs for tenants on moving it is best not to make the process to difficult. We have found over the years the full bond is hardly ever needed.

How long will it take to rent by property?

This will depend on the time of the year. Normally summer months properties rent within a week. During the colder months or Christmas period you might expect it to take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks.

The first few days will be the most popular viewing days. So don’t be surprised if its rented the first week.

We will discuss application with you if you are a first time client. We are happy with clients that get involved in the decision making process.

How do you select tenants?

First impressions count. You will get an idea if the person in front of you at a viewing is going to be strong consideration. The hard work happens after they complete the application. We carry out a reference check, detailed back ground check and then finally a credit check.

We also hold the tenants ID so we can be sure the person applying is the person on the contract.

Is my money safe?

Yes! All rent monies received are held in our rental trust account. Our trust account is regularly audited for transparency and peace of mind.

Many other property manage companies do not have a trust account which could mean they are collect interest off your tenants rent.

When do i receive the rent?

Payments are electronically transferred into your bank account twice monthly, or once if you prefer. We will email a statement at the same time as the payment.

Who handles repairs & Maintenance issues?

That is entirely your choice. We can take care of the whole process for you with contractors we regularly use or who can get involved in the process. The choice is yours. None of the contractors we use are employed by us so you can be rest assured we are acting in your best interest.

What if I need to move back in or sell?

There are different dates to considering for owners that need to move back in or when selling. So discuss this with us. If your tenancy is a fixed term, you would need to honour the fixed term tenancy contract first. The law is detailed on the requirements that need to be taken so talk to us first so we can give you the correct options to suit you.

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