What our Clients Say

I have resided in my current rental, based in Wateview, for 7+ years. This property has been managed by Des Ryder and his team at Anne Duncan. Communication between Des, Sian Kelly and I has been easy and efficient.

The owners at our current address have decided to take residence to renovate. Des kindly gave me a courtesy call to inform me of this decision before putting anything in writing;
which I valued as a long term tenant, and which showed his respect too.

Des has now assisted me in finding a new place to call home. I am delighted to be moving into a new place sourced and managed by Des again. He has made a somewhat daunting process straightforward.


I have previously dealt with a couple of not so polite agents – my experience with them was far from great.

Anyway – Shane restored my faith in real estate agents – to the point where if I saw a property on Trade me with the Anne Duncan sign on it, I would give it more consideration than the other properties.

I had seen on Trade me and saw someone at the door of one that had caught my eye – so I stopped to happily find another Anne Duncan Real Estate Agent there. This time it was Des – who showed me that property.

I kept meaning to send you an email to say what great service I had received and that your rental team restored my faith in the Real Estate industry.

S Perry

Des Ryder provided all the information we required, thoroughly explained the procedure for moving into our new flat and answered all our questions helpfully.

He helped make the move extremely straightforward and I would definitely recommend him as a property manager.

Stuart Richardson

This is to certify that I have found the staff of Anne Duncan Real Estate very friendly and
helpful in every respect, and would recommend their services.

Sie Sie

It’s been a long time since we’ve rented so we didn’t really know what to expect. Anne Duncan is our local agent so we used them to secure a rental property with ease. In addition to this we had to rent our place out. This entire process was very simple and straight forward. You kept us in the loop all the way through and the team at Anne Duncan have very thorough systems and procedures

Kiran Mehta

Thanks Des, and the team at Anne Duncan, you’ve made our time living in the rental property easy and your company has been great to deal with!

Craig Hood

Simon, it was good to meet you this morning when you came for the house inspection. I just wanted to say thanks for acting so quickly on our leaking bathroom tap, and I’d also like to put in a good word for the plumber, who duly came this afternoon and was very amiable and professional.


My family was in desperate need of a new home and Des Ryder came to the rescue. Within 48hrs of the first contact we were moved in and settled into a new home that was perfect for us.

This was such a relief after a week of stress. The team at Anne Duncan are very professional and helpful, I have never had such an easy and stress-free move. I would recommend you to anyone I know and cannot say how much we appreciate your kindness and effort.


Thanks, and as Anna put in her email the other day, it has been great living in the unit and you all at Anne Duncan have been wonderful to deal with.  Made life very easy!

Kate Heenan

I would like to say thank you for their professional help, courtesy and friendly manner, it was Des that I met and had contact with when I first moved.

Your agency has been wonderful to deal with and hats off for their professionalism and courtesy.


Please convey my thanks to Shane for his work since I moved in. I have always felt very well looked after here.

It is so good that he was pro-active about the water leak, as I had not really noticed that it wasn’t right.

S Brown

We think you do a very good job for both owners and tenants. We only wished our new property managers expected as high standards, as the house we shifted into was pretty messy and unclean when we got there.


I am just so blown away by the quality of service your agency provides to tenants ..just been telling my work colleagues. At 2pm in afternoon I sent an email to you advising of problem with alarm fault. By 2.30 the Alarm people had rung me and by 4.30 it was fixed. Such efficient and fast and hassle free service on your part and your contractor.

Superb service!

Melanie Coelho

you have been superb to deal with, truly professional and immensely helpful; thank you.

N. Southon

I must say it has been a pleasure dealing with you. Your customer service has been
fantastic … always prompt and a pleasure to deal with.


How lucky am I to be a tenant with you guys, Anne Duncan Rentals and of course the landlord too. You guys are so proactive.


This is to let you know that we have purchased a new house..
We would also like to thank you for everything and making our stay here awesome.

Anil Surendran

I have found the company and everyone that I have had contact with, extremely professional. I would definitely recommend Anne Duncan Rentals to anyone who has asked about my experience.

Katrina Bush

Shane, thank you for bond refund. You’ve been a great manager, very helpful.


Shane, you have been so professional and efficient throughout this process. Not only have you taken away some of the stress of moving and found me a property to suite our needs but I also know that you have served both landlords well in the process too. We all win with you.


First of all just want to say what a pleasure it has been renting from Anne Duncan and also been a lovely property to stay in.


Like a magic wand, we had a house within one day of needing one. I’m pleased to say that all our dealing with Anne Duncan have been fabulous, including the way the inspections were handled

We have always felt well respected and I like that the agency has a feel of how agencies used to be decades ago.

All our dealings with Anne Duncan Rentals have been great and the agency has a warm, family feel. I would certainly recommend  your agency to both property owners and people seeking a rental property.


Even though I have now moved out, I’d just like to say that it’s been a real pleasure living at Parkdale Rd. It’s a lovely property and I'd like to thank you for your support whenever
anything has needed fixing.


Thank you for making everything so easy. I really value the service you provided. Your professionalism coupled with the ability to engage on a personal level assures me that I’ve made the right choice.

Tracey Hoffmann

I am grateful for the care and attention that I have received from everyone at the office and wish to thank you for your kindness.

Shirley Casey

Within one day we were able to view, apply for and secure the house, so it’s safe to say that the entire process was easy and stress free. I would highly recommend Anne Duncan Real estate. Thanks so much again.


Des, I’d like to thank you and Shane for being such great property managers. You’ve made the whole experience fantastic and if we are still renting in a couple of years time when our friends return and want their house back, we’ll be back in touch.


Using Anne Duncan Real Estate with Des Ryder as the property manager was great. He made the whole process simple and transparent and kept up the lines of communication throughout. I would definitely recommend Des as a great help to anyone looking for a new rental.

Nick Jones

Shane thank you so much for sorting out the burst pipe so quickly and efficiently. We were amazed to have the water restored on the same day. This is why property managers like you are so necessary and appreciated.


Thank you so much for coordinating the bench work and also all the other work as well. You’ve really been an awesome company to deal with


During the time of the tenancy there have been issues that have arisen as would be expected. The response time to our requests has been excellent and prompt. It has been a pleasure working with you.

You have been – by far – the most responsive and responsible property manager we have ever been associated with.
Tenants and homeowners who work with Anne Duncan Real Estate are in our opinion very fortunate.

Warwick and Heather Carroll

I will again say you and all your team at Anne Duncan are the best agents I have ever had.  Thank you so much for your kind words and support regarding my flat.


Des, thanks for being great Rental agent’s.  I wouldn’t hesitate using Anne Duncan again if I need to.