How to spruce up your home before sale

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Presentation is key to a successful house sale, first impressions really do make a difference. Like a blind date or interviewing a potential employee, a bad first impression can make or break a potential buyer’s decision to even walk through your front door.

Below are some key tips to prepare your property for sale. Once your property’s in tip-top condition, it’s over to you to ensure it stays like that the whole way through your sale. Invest in time to get your home ready before it goes on the market – the work you do to spruce it up will likely be totally worth it in the end.


This is so important, and you’ll need to be ruthless. If you can, put some of your things in storage to achieve those clear, clean surfaces that will be easy on a buyer’s eye and make your home look bigger. De-cluttering also applies to storage areas such as cupboards, wardrobes and garages, which buyers will be looking into.


Now’s the time for that massive spring clean you’ve been putting off for years, from the skirting boards to the windowsills. If necessary, clean the carpets as well – particularly if you have pets. It’s super important there aren’t any bad smells lingering, so avoid cooking that fish pie for a couple of weeks and put any stinky shoes (tidily) outside.


Change that blown lightbulb, fix the leaky tap and make sure every door, cupboard and drawer has a handle and doesn’t squeak. Any suggestion of maintenance rings alarm bells in prospective buyers’ minds.


Your spruce-up mission applies outside as much as it does inside your home; a wonky, peeling fence and letterbox won’t fill a possible buyer with much confidence that your home has been looked after.

Free your lawn of tools and toys, weed the gardens, fill your pots with colour, trim your hedges and edges, and prune the trees. Give your lawn a decent dose of fertiliser well before your home goes on sale and keep it maintained so it lushes up in time for your first open home.

While you’re at it, a waterblasted driveway and house wash, freshly cleaned windows and no sign of cobwebs will also make your property look much better.

Set the scene

In your freshly de-cluttered environment, stage an idyllic, relaxed home featuring fresh flowers, well-placed art and an occasional carefully-chosen knick knack.

You may need to re-arrange your furniture to create a better flow within a room; for instance, face the couches towards each other in a social setting, rather than towards the TV. Don’t forget, it’s only temporary.

Hire a house staging pro

Some real estate agencies offer this service as part of their advertising package, or you may choose to hire someone independently. They will either use your furniture or bring in their own while yours goes into storage.

Live like you’re in a showroom

Be prepared to set up for an open home at a moment’s notice. That means dirty dishes washed and put away, clothes put away, and your vacuum cleaner and cleaning cloths ready for action.

It’s only for a short period, and the more effort you put in now more likely you will be rewarded with the sale you’re after.